Bandwidth monitoring


Bandwidth monitoring for Lan Network,



Dear Team,
Please suggest me Bandwidth monitoring tool like Netflow analizer ,which is industry standard ,and can be installed on network device.
2nd things, please tell Networks Switch (any vendor) which supports Netflow , packet flow or Sflow for bandwidth usage.



Like first we configured Netflow in end router LAN and WAN also configured in firewall all interfaces but before Firewall (HA ip) , before that L3 switch (in which default route for all lan user towards FW HA ip) so end of the day ,all IPs are router LAN ,WAN ip and firewall gateway IP, so we couldnt get any LAN user IP. Because firewall nat all into gateway IP.
Here L3 switch not support Netflow. We required a cheaper price switch (any vendor) which support Vlan and Netflow or Sflow. Please share your thoughts and experience.