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currently, I’m doing ccna + ccnp (routing & switching ) …also having reappear of 2 years in my BCA …will it affect me to get a job ??

Job is not issue, once you have Knowledge , every one hire you. CCNA put your foot inside the door of interview, knowledge will keep you there.
The way Mr Atul sir is teaching if you only remember that its enough, i donot even feel like to look into book. just practice .you will be fine man ,wishing you good luck


Please use correct name.

Please give suggestion What’s my next step?

Hello sir i have completed my Graduation in art’s now i am planing to do Ccna Ccnp sir will my Non technical Education Backgrownd effect me on getting Networking Jobs…& also sir i am selected in Tcs BPS should i join?

Thank you Bro for your kind words !!

Hi Vishal, Non tech education affect, but i.e. past decisions u cant undo that, look at future, how you can improve in skills and knowledge to cover up weakness in career track.

If your knowledge is up to the mark interviewer may ignore that weakness. I have seen so many people coming from non tech background & got name in networking world.

Sir, Please help I am so confused please suggest what I did first “CCNA + CERTIFICATE” or "CCNA + CCNP TRAINING

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