CCNA Interview questions

Interview Question 1
Nic: Network Interface Card is a Circuit board
It is used to connect computers with network.

Every nic is having a Mac address

For example/ Instance
PC = wifi, bluetooth, ethernet

getmac -v
ipconfig /all

Interview Question 2
What is the diffrence between Gateway and a Router ?

Router is a network device which is used to connect diffrent networks.
Gateway : Exit point of the lan network is known as gateway.

Router is a hardware and gateway is terminology.

Interview Question 3
What is the diffrence between Private Ip & Public IP ?

Private Ip is not routable to the internet & also its free.

Public Ip is routable to the internet & its paid.


Interview question 4
What is apipa ?
Automatically private ip address assignment.

WHen dhcp fails pc generates Automatically ip adddress.


Interview question 5
What is tcp 3 way handshake ?

  • Before making any connection tcp does 3 way handshake.

Pc ------------------Syn------------------->>> Server
Pc ------<<<<---------Syn/Ack------------------- Server
Pc ------------------Ack------------------>>> Server

---------------------- Connection Establish --------------------------------

Data Transfer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

------------------------Connection terminate-------------------------------