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Hello sir ,what is node?

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Node word is used in networking to represent routers on any network devices.
You can take an example of hosts could be any pc laptop or servers.

Sir jese apple ka ip 17 se suru hota h toh yeh 17 hamesa pehle octate p hona chahiye tabhi yeh mana jayega ki yeh appple ka ip h:thinking:

hello Atul Sir,
What is the difference between these IP Address and Sir what represent the /24 or some other value

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/24 represents network bits. It means if first 24 bits are same on both machines they will ping eachother in local area network.

Apple uses all ip of network belongs to them.

Sir …Har block me ip .16,277,216 h …To phir class C me bhi 32 blocks hai …To usme bhi 32 se multiply krne pe jitna aayega utna hoga …I m right sir …

Depends on which class IP belongs
Class A - Host 2 power 24
Class B - Host 2 power 16
Class c - Host 2 power 8

Hello sir
Previous lecture you tell me there are four different location are connected to private wan and one location is connected public wan (internet) then how different location can access public wan.
I think all location required to connect separate isp link internet then possible communication for all branch location.

Audio : My question
I have a question. Please listen to audio.

what is the use of class D and E in networking

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abhishek gaur

there is no difference
both the IP’s are of same Class C
Class C ip address has 24 networks bits and 8 host bits that’s why it is also represent with /24
ip address -
Subnet mask -
so in order to communicate all the computes must be in the same network

Class D - 224-239 is used for Multi-casting
Class E - 240 - 255 was reserved fro Research & development but currently they are simply wasted

Hello sir, this is career regarding query …sir pls tell me which course is better in cisco ,like cisco (routing , switching) or cisco security???