CCNA May 2020 - 14th May

CCNA May Students should ask their doubts here.


Sir today since 2 hours not working networkings portal … I have not watch ospf video

Sir, I am enrolled May Phase-I batch and I have one doubt Sir, these CompTIA N+ & S+ classes are repeated on the session start from 14th May or not

i think it’s start with new sessions but not sure

Sir, As juniper is a pure Linux based OS

so Cisco also user linux or windows based?

yes.Cisco devices are installed with ios which is linux based

Good evening Atul sir,
I am Basha from Hyderabad, yesterday I was talk to you in Phase I season about my carrier. But you are told me to talk personal through counsellor, but they are told me you are busy in class and any doubts share in ask.networking. Sir actually I am crossed 40. But I am very interested to work in Network field. Presently I am worked in Govt sector as a DPO (Data analysis). I have one question sir, at this stage I can learn this course or not and after complete this course can i get any networking related jobs or not please clarify sir.

Dear Sir,
I am Pramod Kumar . My age is 37. Age can not effect study, If person having potential then he can do anything. Yesterday you have spoken with ATUL Sir also, In my openian you have potential to learn this course. right now rour confidence is high . So do it.

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Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

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topic - strait or cross cable
how can use it in practical… because i use t568 B sequence in our premises . so i cant understand this … when it use … please can you explain it …

how the portal use … please sir can you told…


How do I access portal?
I am not able to find book and also pls any body tell me where Atul sir uploaded OSI model video ???

Hi. Can anyone provide link of Cisco packet tracer student?

download networking app on ur mobile bro. u can gat everything u want or if u use system or laptop just simple click here or login ur user id or password.

Gopal …
Every computer or devices In a network connect threw cable.
So we used different types of cables used to connect all devices.
You just remember the 568B sequence of color code cable.
If we connect cable in device without their Color code …Than devices can,t able to communicate to each other.


Gopal any doubt than reply


Dear Mahaboob Basha,
I am also 36 and two worked experience with HCL and CMC(Tata) ,than i stepped wrong decision and move to Eletronics Goods bussiness. Unfortunately the ShowRoom Got Fired.
Than now age of 36 i again re join industries.So don,t worry brother we are all Family.
Atul Sir is the Best Tutor, trust him and also Mayank sir .
learn more,we will Success.



Thanks sir for the basic connivitey connection

I am not able to find book and also pls any body tell me where Atul sir uploaded