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Transport Layer tutorial

Packet Flow in Hindi

HI Atul, SIr,

I think this CDP/LLDP video is again pasted in EVE-NG Installation calls title

Please can you check and upload todays clqass video

Hi Sir, My name is pradeep and am new student of CCNP APR 2020 and i am glad by joining your class (finally).
My issue : Yesterday i had joined class but due to my laptop mic issue i couldn’t joined audio call and even i posted msg. on chat but unfortunately no one has replied.
Please suggest me another option so i can join your class with audio

today i am trying to see recorded video EVE-INSTALLATION but it seems having some issue, it not playing , another video is playing ok.

due the main video is not playing i am unable to create google could AC and setup EVE-ng

Please help me out on this issues and also share your contact no.

Pradeep S

Dear Pradeep s

The second option , you can attend the class by mobile you can download zoom application on your mobile due to class to enter the zoom id in zoom app and you access the class.


Hello Atul sir,

Today i am trying to create new google cloud platform 300$ free.
i have added Debit card details and at last i have clicked “Proceed to verification option” i have filled Billed account no and also scan copy of card for verification, as it asked… but now i am getting this error pls tell me how to clear it and how we open main tab of google cloud on that window.

Hello Sir,

How long it takes to verification for the details to start free trial

Join Zoom Class from mobile phone if microphone not working. Check video again. When we upload video it takes time to upload.

Create a new gmail and and again signup. There is some issue while doing signup.

Hi Atul Sir,

I have installed eve ng on google cloud and cisco iol also giving the option to start however when i click on open internet shortcut shell Extension DLL nothing comes up.

i am not sure if i am doing something wrong or is their any browser setting that i need to change.

Please suggest


Hello sir,

I tried with one more account and below error occurs, after clearing this error by changing different card…


Hello Atul sir,

after clearing 1 st error now below is 2nd

for this we have to wait for confirmation from google to verification of our account details then it will activate of now my account is showing temporarily closed.

1.Tried with different account
2. tried with using different card also
Sir now what is my next step, shall i can wait for the confirmation from google or wt.

Hi sir, Iam getting this error when starting linux machine on eve-ng google cloud. what could be the issue. please help.

Do you know SVI ?

  • Yes
  • No

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I my CCNA it’s not completed yet
I have the some idea how it works
but not in deep

Sir …I didn’t revised…my ccna topic …

Not done in previous CCNA.

Thanks Sir it is working now