Ehternet Frame type field query

why this type field of ethernet frame value is 0x1. It should be 0x0800(IP) or 0x0806(ARP).
then why the value is 0x1?

can you explain it with an example

Sorry for delay,

Type field can be used to either indicate the size of the Data that the frame is carrying or report which protocol is encapsulated in the payload of the frame (type of the Data).
therefore is used by receiving end L2 to determine which L3 protocol should hand the data.
The Length/EtherType field is the only one which differs between 802.3 and Ethernet II, the 2 standards are used nowadays. In 802.3 it indicates the number of bytes of data in the frames payload, with Value hex from 0x0001- 0600(1536 decimal) is sort of reserved to identify the length (in your case) and other fields as LLC - SSAP/DSAP carry information about protocols frame

Following some example: