Eve-ng installation on vmware player

Hi ,
I am new to Eve-ng emulator .I have imported .ova file of Eve-ng community edition into my vmware player .i am able to login through native console .
i have uploaded .bin file for cisco devivces as below
1./opt/unetlab/addons/iol/bin ( i believe this location is for switch )

  • what is diff. between .bin and image type of file ,i have seen few video advocating image file type .Here i am using .bin file type.
    -Run the python script to generate the license and used it is iourc file for license.
    -but still my switch is starting and stopping in few seconds .
    2./opt/unetlab/addons/dynamips ( i believe this path is for uploading router image )
  • i believe router doesn’t require license file like switch .Correct me if i am wrong .
    -Here also i am using .bin type of file and routers are starting and stopping in few seconds .

Note - i have used fixpermisson command every image i made any changes .

I would request anyone from forum who can help me to run the software .

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