Eve-ng url not opening

Is someone there in similar situation like I am in ? I am getting URL after using PRO version 1.0.3 but when try to open that address in chrome it dosn’t open . Can some one please know how to deal with it ? take over my computer remotely ? I am attaching pic with this topic not_opening


please login by using user name – root
password eve. Then put IP in Browser. May be you will get success.

Please remove both network adaptors and add two adaptors again .
One Adaptor should be NAT and another Bridged Automatic . If you can not then please share Team viewer ID and we can troubleshoot

yes sir can we do i t now if possible?

Can any please help me am facing the same issue trying to fix from last 5 days

pls give any-desk ID


pls share your any desk id. I will see your issue

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