Hyper-V Network Issues

Hii Mayank Sir,
I am not able to ping my physical machine with virtual machine by internal or external switches in Hyper-V.
But physical machine can able to ping all the virtual machine.
Would request, kindly take a remote or suggest how I should proceed in the case.

Thanks & Regards
Vinay Kumar Sharma.

Turn of firewall in your physical machine. :+1:

Hi Suman,

I already off the firewalls of all the machines.

if it is possible share me your anydesk i will check

Check first base network range and from same range assign ip to vartual machine and gateway

Turn Off Firewall of Both Machines and Then u will able to ping each other.Its Working in Mine

I am having the issue with this every time I open it pops out these
can you anyone please me out

Hey I am facing issue with connecting both virtual machines in Hyper V. System is assigning class B ip like

Changed the switches as well, connected with external switches but still they are accepting ping request.

created private and internal switch as well, but no success

Its driving me nuts

Have u tried to turn off the firewall