Installation failed in HyperV

Hello everyone,

Please assist I am not able to install any operating system in HyperV machine. Tried Windows server 2016 and tried windows 10 as well. Its working on virtual box perfectly fine but failing in HyperV. Attaching an Image please help.

What’s ur window version?

My main machine (physical) windows 10 pro.

And i have downloaded windows server 2016 evaluation copy 64bits
and I have downloaded ISO for Windows10 enterprise evaluation copy 64 bits

try this

Tried these steps, however no success, but this time error is different

After this screen it doesn’t go beyond this point

restart ur pc nd press f2…
then select boot sequence

then untick the boot sequence for ur right side after this click legacy and apply

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Hi Devendra…thank you for your prompt response. I figured out the way.

What I did. The moment I connect the machine on HyperV. I hold down any key and it gave me an option to hit enter in boot manager “Windows EMS”. I hit enter and bingo. It started working.

The solution you gave me I was thinking to try that way, may due to UEFI (secured boot) stopping it do it, but anyways it worked. Let me complete the installation and then If i face any issue will get in touch with you.


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Great Congratulations!!!

Issue resolved.
Thank you for prompt response you all.

Good night all

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install windows 10. I am getting an error, screenshot mentioned below.

Please note windows servers 2016 are successfully installed and there are two server 2016 installed and both are communicating with each other like a charm with internal switch.

But when it comes to installing windows 10 I am getting Start PXE over IP4. Tried to switch all the network adpaters. But no success. It irritating me now. Kindly help.