MCSA May 2020 - 14th may

You can ask here MCSA May batch questions.

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How much space required for active directory? also size of active directory depend upon number of users or something else?

Able to ping both side but win8.1 not able to login as domain. and there is not able to enter iton momain.

anybody help
CC: Mayank sir

Sorry for some spell mistakes

@Pushkar try to turn off firewall bothside.

Already do…But not working

Sorry my bad. You are telling ping pc each other right? Then ok. Could you tell me which edition you are using for win 8.1?

Not know what is the actual edition therefore i have already a iso image in my Laptop.
and install it to hyper V.

Please check

  1. Go to the Start Menu and click Settings .
  2. When the Settings window opens, click System .
  3. From the tabs on the left side of the window, click About .

@Pushkar for domain use you should have pro or enterprise edition.either you can use win 10 pro also for client use.

ok and thanks for support

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20 gb Hdd will be enough

Sir I have iso file of windows 10 so can I use for mcsa practical rather than downloading from net as you show in class so that image be used for practicals with server 2016 to communicate

Sir my question is if i have made a window server 2016 on cloud, i made adds and dns in server so i want join domain with own pc so it is possible sir

Not able to connect with domain

What about today class ?

@Pushkar lil bit confuse could you explain me from beginning . actually what you are trying to do?

What is the main features and use of Active Directory???

  1. To control on client machines

any other?