New fresh window installed on vm ware but one problem ip is automatically given

in vm ware ip atomaticallly given when I install the fresh window what problem behind this
because I am installed fresh window every time it is automatically fill up with dhcp IP

help me sir

You should ask in MCSA Questions Category.

bro its called APIPA its not a valid IP address
if any condition dhcp failed then this Ip address show

Bro see my screen shot not a apipa address its valid ip or class c ip and also a DNS or wins server occupied . How can your say it’s apipa address

Bro can you share a screenshot of your network settings of Windows server on VMware.
Is it showing as Bridged ?

If you do not want to Bridge your Windows Server settings with your base host machine, then you have to select Host-only. In that way you can configure the static IP address on your windows server as your requirement. For doing that, you have to shutdown the windows server instance and select the Host-only settings of that instance.

PS: Bridged network is by default selected on the instances built on VMWare.

Bro i am also tried all the network adapter option which is NAT , Host only and even custom virtual network but not resolve my problem.

----------------------------But i found the solution of this problem see given below ----------------------------

But now its resolve with this option in vm ware with vm ware virtual network edit in which one option configured which is dhcp by default

see the screen shot which is highligted so i diselect this option dhcp
now problem resolved,

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Glad to know that, thanks for sharing. Something new to learn.

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