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Just write down OSI Model Blog for Network kings Website. Use Pictures and try to explain in a simple way.


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Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, is a method that describes the functions of a networking.
OSI MODEL divided in 7 Layers.

All Software’s works on application layers. It interact users with software applications.

It looks what is the format of Data. Ex… txt, JPG, MP4,

Processing in Presentation Layer is Encoding-Decoding, Compression-Decompression, Encryption-Decryption

This layer Maintain, Establish and terminate the sessions.

Ex:- Logged in and logged out in any website, or logged in/out in email accounts.

It is responsible for End to End delivery of Data.
It uses two Protocols

It divide Data in to Segments and each segment divided data in small chunks.

This layer responsible for Data Forwarding.
It Convert Data in Packet Form. Packet Contain Source and Destination IP

This layer responsible for Framing of packets
In framing It contain Source MAC address and destination MAC address.
Its handle data between Network layer and Physical layer

This layer responsible for Encoding and Decoding.
It converting binary Data (0,1 ) in Electrical Signal and transmitted using different type of media.


Cisco packet tracer student is install.but it can not working

The Open Systems Interconnection the OSI provides a standard for different computer systems to be able to communicate with each other OSI model have a Seven reference layers Each layer of the OSI model handles a specific job and communicates with the layers
Application laya)
Run application like browser
Presentation layer)
Formatting encryption decoration

Session layer)
Handle session login logout protecting session hijacking through Hackers

The first three layer work on operating system

Transport layer)
Transport layer responsible for end-to-end connection and reliable and unreliable communication

Network layer )
Network layer responsible for IP packet forwarding routing and subnetting

Data link layer)
Data link layer responsible check data bits and error correction data verifying and assign MAC addressing

Physical layer)
This layer includes the physical device involved in the data transfer, such as the cables and switches. This is also the layer where the data gets converted into a bit stream, which is a string of 1s and 0s

OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. The OSI model contains 7 layers. Each layer have specific functions to perform . All these 7 layers collectively used to transmit the data from one person to another across the globe.

sir , i like the post but sir i have a question i cant under stand that in presentation layer responsible for encoding and decoding and the other hand in physical layer also responsible encoding and decoding … i could not understand can you clear my doubts please …

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So basically we have 7 layers of OSI model (OSI - Open system Interconnection)

  1. Application Layer
  2. Presentation Layer
  3. Session Layer
  4. Transport Layer
  5. Network Layer
  6. Datalink Layer
  7. Physical Layer

Detailed explanation as per Layers

  • Application layer: Basically this layer consist of a collection of software wherein we access data. eg. facebook.com, google.com, chrome, explorer

*Presentation layer: Now this layer is responsible for the classification of data or type of data we can say. This include type of data format. eg. JPEG, MKV, MIVI, DOCs, PDF etc…

  • Session layer: This layer handles the session times on the Internet. It’s like user authentication. Like Login’s and Logout’s.

Please note mentioned all three layers are called as upper layers.

Now lets talk about rest of the layers. They also called Lower layers

Transport layer: In this layer data delivery happens. end-to-end delivery of data in simple words. This layer consist of TCP/UDP protocols. In this data gets converted to segments

Network layer: This layer converts segments received from transport layer into packets. In this layer each packets gets a source IP and destination IP and send it to next layer. In this layer we have devices like routers and multilayer switches.

Datalink Layer: This layer form a frames which consist packets. In this layer frames get assigned with source Mac address and destination mac address. This layer consist of devices like Switches.

Physical Layer: This layer is responsible for encoding wherein frames gets converted in form of bits. like 0,1

Thats it. I hope that will be helpful.

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Physical Layer

Physical -2

Presentation Layer

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one more doubt sir, can you explain that what is different between source ip and destination ip …

The place from which the data is moved is called the source , whereas the place it is moved to is called the destination or target.

basically IP is (logical address in form of numbers like and this to identify the address of a machine in internet.

Lets say…aapne apne system se friend ke system pe picture send kari…To network layer pe …jo segement hoga usme Source ki Ip hogi (Yaani aapki IP, system ki IP) and destination IP (jisme aapke dost ke system ki IP hogi)…

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yup just like source ip is (ur mobile no.) & destination ip (ur frnd mobile no.). each computer have ip address u can set ip static pr dynamic by dhcp .

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sir, DHCP kya he…

patience brother you can learn this topic in the ccna class

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sir ,
can you explain what is the modem and how to use it…

A modem converts digital signals generated by the computer into analog signals which can be transmitted over a telephone or cable line and transforms incoming analog signals into their digital equivalents

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In simple word… Modem convert Analog Signal to Digital and Digital to analog.
(Modulation Demodulation)

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All utorrent etc application are unisntalled ,Diffent differnt explorer use but is not working.

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