OSI Model - Easy Explanation

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OSI Model Explanation -

7 . Application Layer : The application layer is a ayer in the Open Systems Interconnection ( OSI) seven- **layer model and in the TCP/IP protocol suite. It consists of protocols that focus on process-to-process communication across an IP network and provides a firm communication interface and end-user services.

6 . Presentation Layer : presentation layer is layer 6 and serves as the data translator for the network. it helps to manage data in all the format .( etc. video,image or text format ) it also manage the size of data .

5 . Session Layer : The session layer provides the mechanism for opening, closing and managing a session. (etc . Session login or logout )

4 . Transport Layer : The Transport layer works for end to end Delivery of data ,with help of TCP ( Transmission control protocol ) and UDP ( User datagram protocol ).

3 . Network Layer : The Network layer works for the moving packets from sending source IP address/host to the Destination IP address/host ,with the help of router .

2 . Data link Layer : The Functions of data link layer is Framing a point-to-point connection between two computers or devices and media access control and the MAC layer is responsible for moving data packets to and from one source of MAC to another destination address .

1 : Physical Layer : Physical layer is responsible for sending bits from one computer to another ,its convert the data into binary ,light or electromagnetic signals this process called is encoding .

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