Redhat 64 -bit installation

I am trying to understand the whole concept of “Root Password " and " User Creation” I came across while installing centos 7 via Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager can someone please explain what is happening here ?


@Rusty its mandatory you have to put password for root and user creation option is for new user. In linux Root is same like a administrator user in windows. After you will know.

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Root Password - Root is default administrator account with full rights. During installation It is required.

User Creation:- In this section you can create any user. Its like window user accounts, you can give permission to this user for normal user or administrator.

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@pramod1017 sir can we create more then one user under root administrator account? if yes how in centos ? coz there is no option showing to create user account.

To add user
Login with root user ( ex- rusty )
type command
useradd rusty
passwd rusty

Now you can give any password.

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