Regarding AWS,Ethical Hacking & CCNA


Actually my backgroun is B.Tech in ECE, i wanted to do course regarding CCNA, AWS solution architect associate & advanced then go for EC councill ethical hacking. Is is the right choice fot me??? Then only i procced and go for global certification on this particular domain.
But atleast my final goal is to be a security Analysist and cloud architect and sir both are inter-related so i want to do all thing after one by one



No, you should first plan what exactly you want to do.
You are mentioning three different career paths. If you do CCNA | AWS | CEH.
You will become Jack of all, Master of none.

First do CCNA, CCNP, and firewalls and make a career in IT networking.
Once you are good in IT networking now choose AWS solution architect.

AWS solution architect is a course to connect companies with the cloud.
So without experience in IT networking, How you are going to connect the damn company network?