Regarding Vlan Comm between differnet lans

Suppose i have 5 vlan like vlan1 2 3 4 5 and this vlan can communicate only our network vlan 1 communicate vlan 1 computer or vlan can vlan 20 ans so on
but vlan 1 can not communicate vlan 20 and vlan 20 can not communicat 30 and so on

but i want make one vlan which is 6 it can communicate all the vlan’s only 6 vlan can communicate all the vlans
how can i do that
some one give me ideas about that

Bro did not quite get your query. Please explain again you query and I will try to answer.

bro I’ll describe one by one
first i have created five vlan
vlan 1,vlan 2,vlan3 etc

in above vlan structure i am not using any routing so thats vlan can not communicate each other
it can communicate with in our network

but now i am created one or more vlan 6 .now i want to that single vlan 6 which can communicate all the vlan which i am create above vlan

note : only vlan 6 can communicate all the vlan (vlan 1 2 etc thats vlan can communicate our network it can not communicate all the vlan )

i hope u understand bro

@manoj663851. Hi Bro, yes you can achieve your requirement and that can be achieved by configuring VACL( virtual lan acl). I think that topic would be covered in CCNP.

In CCNA, you can achieve your requirement in terms of Layer 3 acl but that will be on basis of subnets.

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