Vlsm for 6 different departments requirements

In this project I have to design a network for military . There are currently 6 military branches
i.e. Air force, Army, Coast guard, Marine Crops, Navy and Space Force . I can use a class C network e.g to start. Perform Vlsm-subnetting on the given Class C network as follows.
Air force 300
Army 250
Coast guard 80
Marine Crops 100
Navy 16
Space Force 350

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so,what you want Bilal in this project.

your requirement is more than 254 we cant use class c

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i want ranges mean first ip and end ip for each network?
how many vlan will use?
subnet mask?

why we cant use samir?

Hi bilal,sorry for late reply , See in your case you are going to make 4 group right and second thing you are using class c network for that.So bro as you know that if we are taking class C network like so the range will be to means in class c network, we can get 254 host in one network and your requirement is not fit in this network .see in air force group your requirement is 300,so it is not possible in case of class C network,but yes you have 2 way to perform this task either you go for Class B and second you can take 254 host in first network and rest on 46 host . I hope you understand bro.

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yes you are right samir sir.

i thing we can solve through subnetting? what you say?

Bro,we cannot do this through sub netting,because host will be the same in class C network means 254 host per network.

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