Why checkpoint is better than Cisco Asa?

Why checkpoint is still better than normal Cisco Asa?

Have you seen Gartner chart ?

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As we know, checkpoint firewall introduce statefull inspection in IT industry. After that other vendors deploy. 2nd things , checkpoint firewall as well next generation Paul Alto both FW provide application and URL deep filtering i.e. same application some of the features would be blocked as per policy in application blade. But in normal Cisco’s firewall haven’t this feature. Also gautaner site Paulo Alto than checkpoint than Fortinet firewall is trending now top 3.

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Checkpoint is old company in firewall who first came with stateful inspection and patented this feature .Checkpoint have always focused on security products .So obviously it is their strong point .Cisco have history of acquiring good product from market rather than development themself .There are multiple points where checkpoint can be better compared with cisco ASA.
1.Both are having stateful inspection feature .
2.Checkpoint support route based vpn .Although asa also supports route based vpn with their newer image .
3. Checkpoint is NGFW which means it can work above layer 4 means upto application layer which can help to mitigate attacks related to upper layers .
4.it is using software blade technology,which means you can enable or disable feature on the fly as per requirement .

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