Without physical devices how to learn ccna


Cisco is making routers switches etc and they are giving training through udemy ? Exactly I don’t know but my question is that how it is possible to learn networking without physical devices like cables other devices I saw one bank data center it’s look like a
Factory of cables and devices and lot of network racks
I also ask your team when you were going to start the new batch of ccna in march but I didn’t get proper answer from them I like they you teaching and insha Allah I will join next ccna batc… thanks for this portal

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You can use virtual software like cisco packet tracer, GNS3 EVE etc.



First of all cisco has no relation with udemy. Udemy is a portal where any one become trainers. We have seen many courses are made by beginners or those people who dont have real industry experience.

This is the reason : Network Kings Started ( A team of Network Engineers who train people )

The engineers who do cabling and device installation are not network engineers they are network technicians or field engineers. Network Engineer means the person who is going to plan the network, configure the network devices and troubleshoot the network devices.

I have 7+ Years of Industry experience as a Network engineer & specialist, I never touched any router switches in my company. If we face any cable or hardware issue, we call technicians to fix that issue.

95% of Network engineers doing configuration of network devices via Telnet and SSH.

Real network engineers means the person who knows packet level knowledge and troubleshoot issues when problem comes, not the person who touch and use network devices.

We have one blog here similar to this topic : https://www.networkkings.org/ccna-online-study/